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About the workshop

The Studio Photography: Portrait & Still Life workshop teaches you the basics of studio photography and how to take photographs using the resources you have in your studio. Besides a camera and lighting, this includes various tools and accessories. You’ll learn how to get truly creative with bare basics, making something out of (virtually!) nothing. In the process, you’ll also learn all the tips and tricks of studio photography. By the end of the workshop you’ll have completed your own professional studio shoot (portrait and/or still life).


The workshop consists of 3 lessons of 5 hours each:


Lesson 1: theory, demo & practice

Detailed explanation and demonstration of lighting, light quality and use of lighting & materials. How does light work and what does it do? What is the difference between flash and continuous light? How does the studio equipment work? Which tools do you have at your disposal and which ones do you really need? How can you work with different kinds of materials? What kind of lighting setups can you use for portraits? Rounding out this lesson is a supervised assignment to get acquainted with studio equipment and techniques.


Lesson 2: practice

Studio assignment, to be carried out under the instructor’s supervision. You’ll experiment with different lighting setups and model configurations and explore how to harness light and materials to produce a creative studio image.


Lesson 3: practice

Shooting a portrait or still life, under the instructor’s supervision. By the end of the lesson, you’ll have produced your own professional studio photograph.

About the teacher

Pieter Lemmens is a phtographer and works predominantly with publishers, printers, designers and design agencies. He also brings his passion for art to students at the Technical University in Delft and at de Fotoacademie. Pieter studied at St Joost Art Academy in Breda and at the Academy for Visual Arts in Enschede ( ArtEZ). He lives in the Hague where he also holds a studio.

Workshop details

Level: 1, solid basic knowledge of photography

Teacher: Pieter Lemmens

Length: 3 weeks

Pace: 3 lessons of 5,5 hours from 10:00 am to 15:30 pm

Cost: €575,-

Payment method: single payment

Admission: selective, based on submission of a digital photo portfolio

Language: English



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Subsequent lesson dates: not known