Masterclass 'Make your photo project successful' with Evelien Kunst

Are you looking for a strong foundation upon which to make your photo projects successful? Would you like to increase your chances of a publication or with getting a subsidy application approved? And are you looking for structure, new opportunities and motivation?

In October, 2017 the Fotoacademie and Evelien Kunst started collaborating on a new program for professional photographers, which has now been expanded by a second group since January, 2018. Over the course of six months Evelien Kunst works together with a small ambitious group of photographers on making their photo project more successful. The group meets once a month on average and in the meantime there is time for the photographers to work on their project and sharpen their project proposal and pitch.

This summer, the Fotoacademie and Evelien Kunst will offer a condensed intensive 3-day master class for both (inter)national photographers – and non-Dutch speaking photographers.

Description of the masterclass


A successful photographer is not just someone who is visually trained and has talent for finding and developing great visual stories. Successful photographers are also trained and ready to put their work into context, present an argument, market themselves and their work and excel in networking, negotiating and organizing.

In this masterclass, Evelien Kunst will touch upon all of the aspects that you need to develop when running your business as a photographer who is ambitious about getting your stories out there.

During her years of experience with World Press Photo and NOOR, Evelien has had the privilege of working with some of the best documentary photographers in the world. She saw lots of examples of successful photo projects and used this knowledge to develop the Storytelling Canvas model for other photographers as a guide to use when developing their own projects.

During this masterclass, all participants will work with the Storytelling Canvas model and are expected to bring a developed photo project (finished or in progress) to the table. Besides developing your own Storytelling Canvas, this masterclass focuses on preparing and presenting your business pitch.

Output of the masterclass


After this 3-day masterclass you will be fully prepared to present your project. All progress and results will be discussed intensively within the group.

  • Relevant for photographers of all disciplines
  • This masterclass brings you focus & motivation, new ideas , a ready-to-go & sharp business pitch, trained business skills, and an inspiring network of photographers & Amsterdam!
  • Maximum of 8 photographers

Course info




Length of the masterclass:

  • 3 full days from 09:00 till 17:00 on 28, 29 and 30 June 2018 



  • € 895,- (early birds pay € 795,- valid until 20 May 2018)
  • no registration fee


Admission requirements:

  • a bachelors degree photography and/or relevant experience as a professional photographer


Admission screening:

  • based on portfolio, education and / 
or professional experience



  • Evelien Kunst



  • English


Maximum participants:

  • 8