Expert Session: From stills to moving image with Pep Bonet

An intimate, high level Expert Seminar with Pep Bonet, NOOR

The Fotoacademie & NOOR launch a new Expert Seminar, with award winning photographer Pep Bonet, NOOR. This intensive seminar will address the importance of moving image, film & video productions in visual storytelling. Within a selected, small and high level group of participants, (max 6) you will be trained and coached by Pep Bonet who will take you through the phases of producing a multimedia production: your vision and style, pre-production, equipment, the essential logistics and planning to be taken into consideration when producing multimedia films. The Expert Seminar will take a special focus on creating high quality productions with small budget and small (one-person) teams. The program includes a practical component on how to conduct and shoot proper interviews with camera, light and sound.

This Expert Seminar is aimed towards photographers from different disciplines who are interested in working more with moving image, as well as those who have already started exploring film and video.

Participants will be selected based upon their portfolio, education or professional level and their motivation.Deadline for applications is 21th of May 2017. 

About Pep Bonet

Pep Bonet (Spain) is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. Pep works on personal projects, mostly directing documentary films, and on assignments for clients and NGO’s. His longer-term projects focus on African issues, the most well-known project being ‘Faith in Chaos’, a photo essay on the aftermath of the war in Sierra Leone. Pep’s ongoing work around the globe on HIV/Aids and identity has led to several photography books and many exhibitions worldwide. He is also known for his long-term reportage on the rock ‘n roll band Motörhead. Pep spent many years (2008-2015) on the road with Lemmy Kilmister, the legendary singer of the band.

Along the way, Pep crafted himself into a filmmaker, expanding his tools for visual storytelling and resulting in several short and long documentary films - including the award-winning ‘Into the Shadows’, a pursuit into the lives of hundreds of thousands of Africans living in the inner city of Johannesburg. Continue...

Program Monday 12th of June 2017


Course day one from 10:00 till 18:00 + dinner



  • What brings each participant to this Expert Seminar & what do they want to get out of it?  
  • What is their background with photography & film?
  • Pep introduction: Background & motivation.
  • Screening & discussion of some key works & projects.
  • Differences between fiction, documentary & corporate projects.
  • Discussion on personal visual approach & style.



  • Introduction to pre-production and planning of a multimedia project. No need for Hollywood! Creating high quality productions with a small budget.
  • Defining your objectives, gaining access, logistics, equipment and finding your story.
  • Roundtable: each participant briefly shares their current or planned project


Lunch together



  • Skills & tools for working on your own & on a budget
  • Introduction to DSLR video. How to set-up cameras for filming.
  • Technical training – optimising the camera
  • Camera movement
  • How to “visualise” sound
  • Mixing medias – When do you shoot pictures and when do you shoot film?
  • Interviews – Overcoming access barriers such as language, culture, gender, religion



Program Tuesday 13th of June 2017


Course day two from 10:00 till 18:00



  • How to conduct and shoot proper interviews with camera, light and sound.



  • Logistics & access
  • Accessories for DSLR
  • Shooting for editing


Lunch together



  • Funding and funding channels / Creating a budget – realistic expectations
  • Roundtable: sketch out next steps for each participant

Practical information


  • Length of course:

two course days


  • Course days:

from 10:00 till 18:00


  • Cost:

€ 1375,-


  • Photography Education

(HBO level) or extensive relevant professional experience


  • Selection procedure:

based upon digital portfolio, education or professional level and motivation


  • Expert:

Pep Bonet, NOOR


  • Start date:

12th of June 2017


  • Course dates:

12th and 13th of June 2017


  • Language:



  • Sign up:

sign up HERE for the Expert Session 


  • Including:

lunch, a signed book by Pep Bonet: One Goal & dinner on Monday evening (excluding drinks)


  • Location:

Fotoacademie, Sarphatistraat 35, Amsterdam


Selected participants should bring their laptop and examples of their work (photography and/or film/video ) to the seminar.

Do you have any questions about this Expert Session? Please contact Clarels van Zwetselaar.