Technique and vision are key in this short (preparatory) course. You’ll become familiar with four main themes: composition and design, camera technique, digital image processing and editing.

The course is based on the digital single lens reflex camera. This camera is suitable for taking photos (still image) and film (moving image). The modern photographer uses both disciplines. That is why you learn to work with both still and moving images in our English Basic course. A new aspect of photography and film will be introduced in each lesson. The following technical topics will be covered:

  • shutter speed and aperture
  • light metering
  • exposure and corrections
  • focus and depth of field
  • lenses and angles

Not to mention the creative side: composition, concept development and visual communication are all important aspects of the syllabus. You make various assignments which (partly to your own preference) may partly be carried out as photos and partly as film.


Digital workflow

You’ll also be learning how to edit your photos digitally from exposure to print, with emphasis on a good digital workflow. For photos you work with the Adobe Photoshop program. For films, you learn the basic principles of editing with the Adobe Première Pro program.

Lessons and assignments

The lessons will take place in the (digital) classrooms at the Fotoacademie. It’s recommended to have access to a computer and a photo printer, but you can also use the computers at the Fotoacademie to work on your assignments. All assignments will be discussed in the classroom. These group discussions will provide a source of inspiration that will help to bring you to the next level in your study.


Mentor support

Your teacher can also help and guide you outside of the lessons. Good planning is essential. You will have the support of a team of mentors, who are available for critiques, guidance and questions regarding theory.



The course includes a number of assignments and a project to complete, as well as three tests (camera technique,  digital image processing in Adobe Photoshop and editing in Adobe Première Pro). You will receive the English Basic course certificate once the lessons, assignments and tests are completed successfully.

Required equipment

Upon starting the English Basic course, you will need the following necessary equipment and software:

  • Camera with objectives

A digital (SLR) camera with a wide-angle, standard and short telephoto lens (converted to full frame: 28/35 mm, 50 mm and 85/105 mm) or a zoom lens with corresponding range. The camera must be able to be set entirely manually, have at least 16 million pixels and the ability to store files like RAW and JPEG and are provided with a film function to record at least HD (1080x1920 pixels or possibly 720x1280 pixels).

  • Computer or laptop

Apple or PC, with a processor with 64-bit support, at least 4 GB of RAM, harddisk with at least 16 GB of free space on the harddisk, internet connection and the latest update of the most recent operating system. Screen with at least 1024x768 pixels.

  • Software: Adobe CC programs

We assume that you have Adobe Photoshop (+ Bridge) and Adobe Première Pro at your disposal. Both system requirements for your computer or laptop are for the latest version of these Adobe CC programs.

You can print the photos yourself, but you can also outsource them. The teacher will provide further explanation during the lessons.


The cost of the English Basic course for 2022 € 1.575,- including literature. The approximate material costs (photo printing, etc.) are +/- € 100,-.